Amazon recently notified me that two products—a speaker and a pair of headphones—I’d purchased on the site were eligible for the company’s trade-in program… and that I’d earn up to $113.06 just by sending them my speaker.

The program allows you to submit used items in exchange for money. The company will review your product and determine its condition. If accepted, Amazon or a third party merchant will purchase the product from you. In return, you will receive gift cards in the amount of the item’s estimated value.

Within a week of submitting your trade-in online, you must pack and ship your product. Amazon keeps customers up-to-date with the status of their submission, and the order can be canceled until the trade-in is processed. If it’s already been processed, simply request a return.

The program has strict criteria for the condition of the trade-in. For example, DVDs should have “few or no scratches” and books cannot have notes or markings, among other stipulations. Even a strong odor from cigar or cigarette odor is subject to disqualification.

If your item is rejected, it will be shipped back to you within two weeks—at no fee. And while not all products on are eligible for the program, you can now trade in products ranging from textbooks and DVDs to speakers and video games. I think I’ll keep those speakers for now, but this opportunity is music to my ears.

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