Weekend brought us lots of amazing things! 16 interesting matches, injuries and pools’ draw. Check out what happened!



Pool E:

On Saturday Serbia lost chance for promotion to next round losing with France 1-3. The greatest battle was between Poland and Iran – Poles could’ve won it 3-0, but won it after dramatic tiebreak. And Polish team lost captain, outside hitter Michał Winiarski, who may be back for 3rd Round. USA achieved easy straight win over Australia and Argentina beats poor Italy 3-1.

Sunday started with tight game betwen Serbia and Iran, Iranian won 3-1 with amazing performance by Iranian opposite Amir Ghafour. Then we had a huge surprise: Argentina beat USA after tiebreak what closed door for Americans to the next round. Italy beat Australia 3-1, while Poland reached a victory over France in 5 sets.

France, Poland and Iran go to 3rd Round.


RankTeamWin/LossSets RatioPoints RatioPoints1.France5/21.7271.067172.Poland6/12.3751.119163.Iran5/21.6361.057154.USA4/31.4161.063145.Serbia3/40.8570.97496.Argentina3/40.7330.94687.Italy2/50.5550.95358.Australia0/70.1900.8220


Pool F:

Saturday was less interesting day.Brazil and Russia got next easy victories, struggling only in 3rd sets. China wanted to prove that they aren’t weak team and beat Finland after tiebreak. Bulgaria showed weakness once again, losing with Cuba in straight sets.

On Sunday we had more tight games. But all started easy victory by Suomi over Bulgaria in straight set with monster performance by Finnish opposite Urpo Sivula. Match Brazil-Russia decided about seeding. It wasd dramatical and full of injuries: ankles (opposites: Wallace (Brazil, on the picture) and Pavel Moroz (Russia, on the picture)), thigh (outside hitter Murilo (Brazil)) and knees (middle Sidao (Brazil)). Key game for advance was match Germany-Canada. Polish neighbour won game in straight sets, but whole match was quite close. Last game between Cuba and China ended with next Chinese victory after tiebreak.

Brazil, Russia and Germany advanced to 3rd round.


RankTeamWin/LossSets RatioPoints RatioPoints1.Brazil7/010.5001.214212.Russia6/13.1661.188173.Germany5/21.8751.080154.Canada4/30.9231.025105.Finland2/50.5290.93166.Cuba1/60.6110.91067.Bulgaira1/60.4440.88458.China2/50.3150.8634



Directly after match we had a draw. France and Brazil was seeded (FRA in Pool G, BRA in Pool H). Most people thought that both 2nd ranked teams can’t be in one pool, but all 2nd and 3rd teams were in one pot.

Draw result:

Pool G (Katowice): France, Iran, Germany
Ppol H (Łódź): Poland, Brazil, Russia

In next round all teams start with 0 points.

Many people aren’t happy with this and complain about FIVB. Well, maybe federation should think more about this draw before starting WCH…

Best line-up based on my opinion and stats
Setter: Mir Saeid Marouf (Iran)
Opposite: Antonin Rouzier (France)
Outside Hitters (mixed reception and spike): Michał Winiarski (Poland), Lucarelli (Brazil)
Middle Blockers: Seyed Mousavi (Iran), Dmitriy Muserskiy (Russia)
Libero: Farhad Zarif (Iran)


Places 7th-16th:

7. USA
7. Canada
9. Serbia
9. Finland
11. Argentina
11. Cuba
13. Italy
13. Bulgaria
15. China
15. Australia