According to, the recent Impact Wrestling vignettes for “The Machine” are for former Lucha Underground star and recent Impact signee Brian Cage.

Scott D’Amore On Gaining the Trust of Impact Fans

During a recent interview with The UK Mirror, Impact Wrestling Executive Scott D’Amore had the following to say on what Impact needs to accomplish in the coming months:

“We need to gain the trust of wrestling fans all over the world, of wrestlers, of other promotions. There has been so much going on with us, we need to have our own house in order, consistently put on a good product, consistently treat our performers with respect and as the partners they are, and consistently be friendly and co-operative with other promotions. As we do that, the course will be chartered. We’re not saying ‘we’re taking over January 1 and in three months we will be rocking and rolling’. We’re putting together a six-month, 12-month, 18-month and 36-month plan. When you’re building a sports team, you don’t come out of the gate on day one with the team you’ll have a season or two later. We are going to evaluate and make changes, but try to put out a consistent, compelling and entertaining product. We will make some mistakes along the way and when we do, we will evaluate and adjust to them.”

AAA Launching Twitch Channel

AAA has Tweeted the following, announcing the promotion will be launching Twitch channel:

Toda la #GiraDeConquista EN VIVO por @Twitch @TwitchES

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Incluyendo un canal 24/7 con videos históricos de #AAAWorldwide


— Lucha Libre AAA (@luchalibreaaa) February 1, 2018

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The UK Mirror