They say it takes one to know one, right? That idiom applies to superstars too, which is why when it comes to showing respect, no one does it like Cher and Rihanna.

On Thursday, 71-year-old icon Cher took to Twitter to give it up for Rihanna’s Fenty Puma kicks after the Barbadian singer posted a video of her latest collection.

Cher called her shoes “cool” and used her strange but effective and really fun mix of emojis to communicate the message. She also called her “hey little @rihanna girl,” which makes us smile.

After one fan suggested Cher check out Rihanna’s entire collection, not just one pair, the singer followed up with another tweet and wrote “Saw it…Keep on what @rihanna up2. So many fresh ideas coming from young artists.”

So what does Rihanna think?

She replied and called her a “true queen” because, well, she’s right.

Immediately, fans freaked out—and called for their collaboration.

Cher even retweeted one fan’s response message.

But seriously, we’re holding out for a Cher x Rihanna moment.