N.Z.A. Auckland was launched November 2006 and is presently sold in 6 Countries through a selection of over 300 retailers. NZA is currently looking for a qualified and experienced importer in the U.K. and Italy in order to expand the brand in these countries.

Philosophy & Themes
New Zealand’s history and geographic location is the ever-inspiring source of N.Z.A.’s styling and graphics. Our initial launch centred on Aeronautics and the adventurous art of formation flying. The 2008 summer collection will mirror New Zealand’s superb maritime position in the South Pacific.

When flying over New Zealand you will be stunned by its breathtaking beauty and amazing scenerey. Endless white sand beaches and transparent clear blue waters surround the islands, which are further blessed with snowy mountains, wild water streams and hiking hills. A true Garden of Eden, which prompted moviemakers to film The Lord of the Rings on this location. Unlike other major players in the world of textiles New Zealand is not troubled by controversial politics and has a reliable stable economy. In today’s world with a need of ever growing awareness of environment and stability it is a pleasure to wear and share N.Z.A. garments.

Brand extension
The addition of the N.Z.A. Lady Line opens new venues to grow further and establish a solid Lifestyle Platform. Today we are at the verge to extend brand exposure with local partners in flagship stores throughout the Emirates.

To promote brand awareness NZA now exploits 2 fully licensed Antonov airplanes available for dealer incentive flights throughout Europe. All garments come with descriptive legend hangtags to communicate NZA website links with ever changing consumer promotions. NZA Boat ( see photo shoot ) will be available throughout summer 2008.

From Shop Concept to World Theme
To accentuate and draw attention to NZA’s Aeronautic and Maritime radiation we have developed a trendy aluminum – shop display. For point of sale recognition we avail of logbooks, altitude meters, flags and other gadgets to serve as attention getters.
Each collection will come with a presentation map highlighting it’s positioning. New Zealand’s characteristic fern logo will be depicted explicitly.

Collection Spring Summer 2008
Short- and long sleeve polo’s, shirts, vests, blazers, jacks and design pants will be the stronghold of the NZA summer collection. In addition we have designed original shorts and swimming trunks. In dominating collection colours such as pink, white, yellow, grey and sky- and navyblue.

NZA presents 4 collections a year and 2 flash collections, it has a mid price level, between € 59.95 – € 349.95. The appearance is premium and it has an outstanding sales margin of 300%.


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