WWE legend, Sean Waltman gave his thoughts on Nia Jax being part of the men’s Royal Rumble match during his latest E-Pac 12360 podcast. Below are some highlights with a H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.

On Nia Jax being in the men’s Rumble match:

“It got mostly a positive response but you know the usual suspects hated it, it was Nia in the Men’s Rumble,” said Waltman. “I thought it was great. I F’n loved it. People were real uncomfortable they wanted to be for it but they were still uncomfortable… You can’t fault people for the feelings that come up when they see certain things.

“You want to be accepting but it’s something for a lot of people that is going to take a little bit to get used to,” stated Waltman. “And sometimes you know these things they can bring up things about ourselves that we’re not comfortable with from our pasts. And how we’ve been to women. So there can be different reasons for people feeling a certain kind of way about this thing.”

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X-Pac 12360 Podcast